Self Cleaning Ovens

Self Cleaning Ovens

There is now an array of self-cleaning ovens on the market which makes the tiresome job of cleaning the oven a lot easier. Self-cleaning ovens are normally split into two types: catalytic and pyrolytic.

Catalytic Self-Cleaning Oven

Catalytic liners break down dirt and grease inside the oven for hassle free cleaning, simply wipe clean with a cloth. These liners are treated with special chemicals and materials which mean that they are fantastic at absorbing grease. Clean as you go.

Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning Oven

Regarded as the most efficient and effortless cleaning method for ovens.

This function raises the oven temperature to 450°C , turning any fats and grease throughout the cavity into ash for easy wipe away, whilst keeping the oven front cool to the touch. Pyrolytic cleaning often takes a few hours and the self-cleaning program should be run every month or so.

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