GDHA Safety Notice for Gas Range Cookers

GDHA Safety Notice for Gas Range Cookers


If you own a Stoves, Belling or New World gas range cooker:


Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (Stoves, Belling, New World) and the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) are advising that an investigation is ongoing into a fatality due to carbon monoxide poisoning where a gas range cooker was in the premises.

The investigation into the tragic death is ongoing and the family and friends of the person who has died have our deepest sympathies. Given the risk of carbon monoxide, we are contacting consumers to remind them that they MUST USE THE GAS GRILL WITH THE DOOR OPEN, as detailed in the instruction manual.

A number of Stoves, Belling and New World gas range cookers are impacted and so it is important that you make contact with us via 0800 110 5728 or email By doing so, we can confirm if your cooker is affected and keep you updated with the latest advice. If you no longer own the cooker, it is still extremely important that you contact us to let us know who now owns it so that we can contact them too.

You will need your model number, starting with 4444, and serial number when contacting us. This can be found by opening the main oven door. It is located on a badge on the frame above the grill cavity.

We are actively reminding all of our consumers and owners of these gas range cookers that they MUST OPERATE THE GAS GRILL WITH THE DOOR OPEN as detailed in the instruction manual. DOING SO POSES NO RISK OF CARBON MONOXIDE BUILD-UP

We have stringent health and safety measures in place, and all of our cookers are tested to industry standards and by the British Standards Institute (BSI) before they are made available to buy.

We will continue to raise awareness of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and to encourage the highest standards of testing industry-wide. We are working closely with the OPSS to highlight the risks of carbon monoxide and we support their message of informing consumers to only use gas grills with the door open.

Consumers with one of these gas range cookers in their home can continue to use the product as per the instruction manual, but MUST ENSURE THAT THE GRILL DOOR IS LEFT OPEN WHILST THE GAS GRILL IS IN OPERATION.

Models affected in the list below, If you are unsure in any way please call us or the help line number.

444440400 BEL CLASSIC 110GT Blk*

444440218 NW 100GT Car

444444269 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G CB Sh Grn

444440401 BEL CLASSIC 110GT Sil

444440221 BEL C/RANGE 100GT Car

444444270 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G CB Ibr

444440402 BEL CLASSIC 110GT Crm

444440222 BEL C/RANGE 100GT Sil

444444271 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G CB Dab

444441444 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Ssk

444440392 BEL CLASSIC 100GT Blk

444444273 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G CB Mga

444441445 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Wbe

444440393 BEL CLASSIC 100GT Sil

444444275 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G CB Hja

444441446 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Hja

444440462 NW 100GT Sil

444449442 BEL C/CLASSIC 100G Ant

444441447 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Ibr

444440792 ST STERLING R1000GT Blk

444449443 BEL C/CLASSIC 100G Sil

444441448 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Dab

444440793 ST STERLING R1000GT Sta

444442980 BEL C/RANGE 100GT Blk

444441449 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Dda

444440923 BEL CLASSIC 100GT Crm*

444442981 BEL C/RANGE 100GT Crm

444441450 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Mga

444441432 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Ssk

444442982 BEL C/RANGE 100GT Jal

444441452 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Fbu

444441433 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Wbe

444444059 BEL KENSINGTON 100G Blk

444441453 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Fbl

444441434 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Hja

444444060 BEL KENSINGTON 100G Red

444441454 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Pbl

444441435 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Ibr

444444061 BEL KENSINGTON 100G Crm

444444099 BEL COOKCENTRE 110G PROF Sta

444441436 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Dab

444449017 BEL KEN 100G Crm

444444100 BEL COOKCENTRE 110G Sta

444441438 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Mga

444444200 NW 100G Car

444444101 BEL COOKCENTRE 110G Blk

444441440 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Fbu

444444201 NW 100G Sil

444444151 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G Blk

444441442 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Pbl


444444152 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G Sil

444444087 BEL COOKCENTRE 100G PROF Sta


444444153 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G Crm

444444088 BEL COOKCENTRE 100G Sta


444444297 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G CB Sh Grn

444444089 BEL COOKCENTRE 100G Blk


444444298 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G CB Ibr

444444117 BEL SANDRINGHAM 100G Blk


444444299 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G CB Dab

444444118 BEL SANDRINGHAM 100G Sil


444444300 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G CB Wbe

444444119 BEL SANDRINGHAM 100G Crm


444444303 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G CB Hja

444444120 BEL SANDRINGHAM 100G LPG Sil


444440798 ST STERLING R1100GT Blk

444444139 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G Blk


444440799 ST STERLING R1100GT Sta

444444140 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G Sil


444449019 BEL KEN 110G Crm*

444444141 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G Crm


90cm –

444410272 ST RICH DX S900G CB Wbe

444410798 ST RICH S900G CC

444410929 ST RICH DX S900G CB Mbl

444410273 ST RICH DX S900G CB Hja

444410799 ST RICH S900G Ant

444410930 ST RICH DX S900G CB Tbl

444410274 ST RICH DX S900G CB Ibr

444410806 ST STER S900G BK

444410931 ST RICH DX S900G CB Kte

444410275 ST RICH DX S900G CB Dab

444410807 ST STER S900G SS

444411272 ST RICH DX S900G CB Bgr

444410276 ST RICH DX S900G CB Mga

444410923 ST RICH DX S900G CB Agr

444443466 BEL C/RANGE 90GT Blk

444410277 ST RICH DX S900G CB SH Grn

444410924 ST RICH DX S900G CB Iwh

444443467 BEL C/RANGE 90GT Crm

444410278 ST RICH DX S900G CB Ant

444410925 ST RICH DX S900G CB Pmu

444443468 BEL C/RANGE 90GT Jal

444410761 ST PREC DX S900G BK

444410926 ST RICH DX S900G CB Cbl

444443481 ST RICH 900GT Blk

444410762 ST PREC DX S900G SS

444410927 ST RICH DX S900G CB Mmi

444443482 ST RICH 900GT Cha

444410797 ST RICH S900G BK

444410928 ST RICH DX S900G CB Cre

444443485 BEL CLASSIC 90GT Blk

444443486 BEL CLASSIC 90GT Crm

444443487 BEL CLASSIC 90GT Sil

444444047 BEL KENSINGTON 90G Blk

444444048 BEL KENSINGTON 90G Red

444444049 BEL KENSINGTON 90G Crm

444444067 BEL GOURMET 90G PROF Sta


444444076 BEL COOKCENTRE 90G Sta

444444077 BEL COOKCENTRE 90G Blk

444444127 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G Blk

444444128 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G Sil

444444129 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G Crm

444444241 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Sh Grn

444444242 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Ibr

444444243 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Dab

444444244 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Wbe

444444245 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Mga

444444246 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Fbu

444444247 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Hja

444444903 ST RICH DX S900G BK

444444904 ST RICH DX S900G CC

444444935 ST STER DX S900G BK

444444936 ST STER DX S900G SS

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