Benefits of Heat Pump Tumble Dryers: Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Benefits of Heat Pump Tumble Dryers: Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Heat pump tumble dryers are a popular choice now for their energy efficiency and ability to dry clothes quickly. But how do heat pump tumble dryers work and why are they a great option for drying clothes?

Heat Pump technology

  • Heat pump tumble dryers use a heat pump system to extract heat from the air inside the drum itself and re-transfers it to the clothes.
  • This process is more energy-efficient compared to vented or condenser dryers, as it doesn't rely solely on electric heating elements.
  • The heat pump technology has lower energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Heat pump dryer

Better for Clothes

  • Heat pump tumble dryers operate at lower temperatures compared to traditional dryers. This gentle drying process is less harsh on fabrics, reducing the risk of shrinkage or damage.
  • Heat pump dryers have moisture sensors to tell when the clothes are dry, which prevents over-drying of clothes. Less excessive heat exposure to your clothes.

Save Energy

  • Lower temperatures mean less energy is required to dry clothes, resulting in additional energy savings.
  • The moisture sensors save unnecessary drying time.
  • The heat pump technology allows for significantly less energy consumption, resulting in lower electricity bills. An example on a 34p electric tariff a full load comparison is:
    • C-Rated 9kg vented dryer: £1.87
    • B-Rated 8kg condenser dryer: £1.62
    • A+++-Rated 8kg heat pump dryer: £0.48

Ready for yours?

To have a look at a heat pump dryer or chat about one, just pop in to the shop. We have a range of options including Blomberg, Hotpoint, Bosch and Haier

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