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Some Panasonic Tech Explained

Some Panasonic Tech Explained

4K Ultra HD Pro:Professional-grade picture technology, the new 4K studio master processor is based on unrivalled Panasonic picture processing know-how. It has been engineered to deliver the best possible picture quality. True too the director’s intentions. Together with the wide colour phosphor technology, it ensures Viera TV’s reproduce accurate colours, fine blacks and brilliant brightness.

ULTRA HD: The ultra HD logo is the official industry logo developed by Digital Europe. TV’s featuring this official logo must meet UHD requirements, like all 4K UHD VIERA TV’s. They are proven to provide true Ultra HD picture quality and connectivity in line with the high standards.

4K Ultra HD Upscaling: This digital video format boosts conventional Full HD media to the next generation of TV resolution, which is four times higher than full HD – Delivering breathtaking image sound quality.

Full HD: Full High Definition (HD) offers an amazing resolution of 1920 x 1080 – in contrast, PAL offers 720 x 576 and 720 x 480. This means you can enjoy Full HD programmes and films with sharp, dynamic images and brilliant colour.

IPS: IPS (In-plane switching) is a screen technology used for liquid crystal displays (LCDs). In-plane switching involves arranging and switching the orientation of the molecules of the liquid crystal layer between the glass substrates. The advantage of an IPS panel is that you will have a viewing angle of up to 178 degrees.
IPS panels display consistent, accurate colour from all viewing angles. IPS panels offer clear images and stable response times.

4K Pure Direct: During 4K signal transmission to the TV via HDMI, colour in-formation is slightly compromised resulting in less-than-ideal colour shading gradation. With 4K pure direct all colour information and full resolution is transmitted to the TV, so that the picture retains its crisp, rich colours as intended in 4K ultra HD.

THX 4K Display: with VIERA panels featuring THX 4K display, you can be sure of experiencing the original image quality of a movie just as the film makers intended, in spectacular 4K. These Viera have cleared the high standards for 4K set by the THX certified display programme

Local Dimming: to ensure robust blacks and delicate gradation with any film genre, a range of VIERA TV’s feature local dimming. Rich radiation is achieved by matching the back light control and optimising the brightness level to each area. This enables deeper black expression and displays even tiny details in dark scenes with crisp clarity.

Ultimate Contrast: The cutting edge VIERA 900 TV series features ultimate contrast, delivering ultra-bright images and impressive black levels. To achieve this, it combines innovative direct LED backlight technology with local dimming and intelligent rendering drivers.

Supreme Contrast: Several high-end VIERA TV’s feature supreme contrast which delivers spectacular levels of deep black with bright, crisp images. It does this by combining cutting-edge Panasonic panel technology with innovative LED backlight featuring local dimming.

Brilliant Contrast: To give you great contrast with bright images, deep black levels and low power consumption, many VIREA TV’s feature brilliant contrast. It combines innovate panel and LED backlight technologies for an immersive home cinema viewing experience.

High Contrast: VIERA TV’s with high contrast deliver a genuine home cinema atmosphere. Deep black and bright white’s make for more dynamic images, with great colour and crisp picture quality.

4K Studio Master Processor: To boost your viewing experience, selected 4K ultra HD VIERA TVs also feature advanced studio master 4k processor. It delivers a stunningly accurate picture, just as the director intended – with ultra-fine colour rendering and smooth gradations also for up scaled films.

4K Studio Master Drive: To seamlessly compliment your 4K viewing experience, several 4K Ultra HD VIERA TVs also feature 4K studio master drive. It enhances picture processing and delivers accurate colour expressing for an outstanding viewing experience.

Studio Master Colour: Experience more vivid viewing, thanks to amazing colour gradations and brightness. It is now possible with studio master colour. The high-colour space LED panel construction reproduces colours faithfully to the original, for vividly colourful images from a wide colour gamut.

Up to 3,000Hz BLS 4K IFC: Enjoy extremely smooth fast motion images thanks to the high-speed panel and the intelligence frame creation (IFC) paired with the advanced back light scanning (BLS) technology.

Up to 1,600Hz BLS 4K IFC: This motion engine combines a powerful panel and intelligent Frame Creation (IFC) interpolation processing with black light scanning (BLS) to deliver cleaner, smoother and sharper 4K Ultra HD pictures from any source.

Up to 200Hz BMR 4K: 4K UHD VIERA TVs featuring 200Hz Back Light Motion Rate (BMR) technology ensures that your favourite films, games and TV programmes boost great motion sharpness for clear moving images.

Up to 400Hz BMR IFC: With a VIERA TV featuring up to 400Hz (BMR) intelligent frame creation (IFC), you are assured of smooth, jitter-free reproduction of fast motion images. This drives technology combines advanced backlight technology with enhanced, high-speed drive performance to provide outstanding sports or action movies.

Up to 400Hz RMR: For any room and any space, there is a high quality VIERA TV to match. The models with up to 400Hz Real Light Motion Rate (RMR) delivers smooth motion quality for a great viewing experience with every tv show or film.

Swipe and Share: Unleash the full potential of your Smartphone with the Panasonic TV Remote 2 app and Swipe and Share functions. Share and stream personal content like pictures, movies and music to your VIERA TV simply from your Android or Apple-based Smartphone.

Quad-core Pro: This ultra-powerful processor lets you enjoy smart VIERA features at high speed with smooth interaction. Quad-core pro is extra efficient, as the picture is processed separately from the features. So, you can easily switch between multiply apps and web pages seamlessly without any lag time.

Quad-core: This high-speed Quad-core central processing unit (CPU) leverages a total of four processing cores to deliver a great VIERA experience. 

Twin HD Tuner: With the Twin HD Tuner either for satellite, cable or aerial you can watch a TV show while recording another.

Media Player: The renowned Media Player in now available with VIERA 4K Ultra HD TVs. It lets you easily enjoy your personal multimedia entertainment stored on any USB memory device

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices. This means you can connect any Panasonic Bluetooth-enabled product with other Bluetooth-enabled devices without the cable clutter – and in high quality.

4K 50/60p Input: Based on HDMI 2.0, this input terminal accepts super-high-resolution 4K signals in outstanding high quality, with a higher frame rate capability.

DLNA: Access videos, pictures and music stored in other rooms and enjoy content throughout the home by connecting compatible devices via DLNA. The Panasonic TV Remote 2 App lets you transfer content from your iPhone/Android tablet or Smartphone to your TV, or access your DLNA server from mobile devices.

4K Ultra HD Upscaling: This digital video format boosts conventional Full HD media to the next generation of TV resolution, which is four times higher than Full HD delivering breathtaking image and sound quality.

Wi-Fi Built In: Many Panasonic video products can be wirelessly connected to your home network. So, you can take advantage of Internet Apps and DLNA networking throughout your home

Web Browser: As the name implies, the Web Browser lets you easily browse the internet on the TV and enjoy web features.

AirPlay: Developed by Apple especially for Apple devices, AirPlay technology lets you stream your favourite music wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch directly to AirPlay-enabled devices on the same Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Certified: Panasonic products that are Wi-Fi certified have been specially certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance for their ability to wirelessly connect to your home network..

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices. This means you can connect any Panasonic Bluetooth enabled devices without the cable clutter and in high quality.

THX Certified: The THX Certified Panasonic Blu-Ray Disc Player reproduces pictures and sounds with the same detail and clarity as found in the filmmakers studio.