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Adaptor Technomate HD Over Coax RF Modulator


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Technomate TM RF HD IR Over Coax RF Modulator

  • Product  Type: HD RF Modulator with IR
  • Picture quality : 1080P high – definition
  • Application : Built-in HD RF modulator with remote eyes
  • Specific Features: Cascadable
  • Specific Features: HDMI loop through, many HDMI sources inc satellite receiver, Blu-Ray etc
  • Installation  notes : Please note that this only works on 1080P Full HD & 4K UHD TVs. If your TV is 720P HD Ready it will not work directly however, you can use a Freeview HD box with the TM-RF HD IR to make it work on an HD Ready TV. Ideal if you have an existing RF network already installed around the house.
  • Installation  notes : Infra-Red: Requires a mains powered amplifier/splitter, also known as a bypass amplifier/splitter which can send the 9V IR Infra-Red remote control signal so that you can control the source device via remote control at every TV. Additional magic eyes are also available. Below are some links for help but other options are available







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