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Panasonic OLED Television Reviews

Pocket-Lint 5 Star/Editors Choice – TX-65FZ802

Panasonic’s 2018 midrange OLED TV is an excellent addition to its current line-up; it consolidates what the company does best, while adding some exciting new features, and does so at a very competitive price.

Trusted Reviews Highly Recommended – TX65FZ802

Panasonic makes its already excellent OLED picture quality substantially better, delivering this new quality at a genuinely competitive price. The result is another absolute barnstormer of a TV.

Tech Radar Recommended – TX-55FZ952B

The TX-55FZ952B combines superb UHD image quality, including the best HDR performance we’ve yet seen from a Panasonic screen, with a great sound system and attractive design.

Trusted Reviews Highly Recommended – TX-55FZ952

Panasonic is back on top form. You’ll struggle to find better for the money.

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